How To Redeem

How do I redeem a coupon?


Create an Account

If you don't have an existing account on the platform, register or sign up and provide the necessary information, such as your name, email address, and password and complete the registration process.

Choose your desired course/preparation

After logging in or creating an account, choose your preferred course/preparation and add it to your cart to complete the subscription process.

Access the coupon code

If you do not have a coupon code, proceed to step 6. If you have a coupon code, navigate to the cart redeem section of the platform. This section is found in the Cart area. Look for options like "Coupon Code” or “Apply Coupon”

Enter the referral code

Enter the code you received into the field on the platform. Make sure the code is accurate and no extra spaces or typos. Click on the "Apply Coupon“ or “Update Cart” button to proceed.

Confirmation of referral code

After entering the code, the platform will verify the code's validity. If the code is valid and hasn't expired, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the code has been successfully redeemed.

Payment and Access

After successful payment, within 48 hours you will receive an email including instructions on how to access the preparation.

Activation of subscription

Explore the platform's features and user interface to start using the preparation that is offered. Your membership will be active for 12 months from the time of activation.

If you encounter any difficulties during the activation process, it's advisable to refer to the specific instructions provided by the platform. To help with the activation process, explore the FAQs.